An Open Letter of Chairman, Mr. Xi Jinping

Respected Chairman Mr. Xi Jinping, In the Osmanthus-scented autumn with gentle breeze, we would like to show our most sincere greeting to you in Indonesia, the prior nation initiated in the construction of “21st Sea Silk Road” raised by you.

On September 7, 2013, you advocated to construct “Economic Belt on Silk Road” in Kazakhstan. In October in the same year, you raised the assumption of setting up “21st Silk Road” together in Bandung, Indonesia.

Four years later, the whole world witnessed that the grand “the Belt and Road Initiative” corresponded to the common vision of pursuing development and cooperation among the people in each Asian and European nations. Gradually, the notions shifted to actions; and visions transited to reality.

The total trading volume in China and other nations along “the Belt and Road” exceeded 3 trillion dollars. The investment into the nations joining in “the Belt and Road” surpassed 50 billion dollars in total.

China proved the rationality and innovation of “the Belt and Road Initiative” with the data that could withstand any examination and inspection. In our humble understanding, the core value of “the Belt and Road Initiative” lies in “mutual connection” and “common destiny”. They are mutually dependent and complemented. “Mutual connection” is the prerequisite of “common destiny”.

Without interdependence, there is no alleged “destiny community”. Although “the Belt and Road Initiative” made preliminary achievements for four years in countries along, “China’s one-sided enthusiasm” appeared when we launched and spread “the Belt and Road” to the nations along the belt and road.

With our limited and narrow vision and perception, we think this is worth your focus and attention. After paying a visit to the local well known overseas Chinese associations, we found that a majority of chiefs in charge of the associations did not know the specific connotation of “the Belt and Road” although they often heard the name and how overseas Chinese people could take part in the construction of “the Belt and Road”? Some chiefs even knew nothing about the questions, so did the overseas Chinese who often rushed around the mother country and Indonesia and attended various diplomatic activities held by Chinese government.

As far as the chiefs in charge of overseas Chinese associations that we paid visits to, they were always devoted to the cause characterized with “connection of masses” with practical actions. Nevertheless, most of them were not familiar with “the Belt and Road Initiative”. It was the fact among overseas Chinese, let alone the people in the nations along “the Belt and Road”.

To excavate into the reasons, we think the answers are as follows: First, the channels that spread “the Belt and Road Initiative” at present are singular. Them are one-sided publicity from China. The international advocacy is mostly from Chinese media.

Furthermore, for the governmental officials, entrepreneurs and masses in the nations along “the Belt and Road” (even an enormity of overseas Chinese people are not familiar with Chinese), the barriers of language and texts result in the gap between them and “the Belt and Road Initiative” because barriers easily lead to misunderstanding (e.g.: economic invasion claim, etc.).

As a result, “one-sided call” phenomenon appears. Chinese media is enthusiastic, while the media in the nations along “the Belt and Road” seldom voice their viewpoints. Take World Chinese Media Forum as example. It has been held for nine consecutive sessions. It is still a “solo show” directed by World Chinese Media circle, though. Another reason is that the source and channels of information about “the Belt and Road Initiative” for officials, entrepreneurs and masses in the nations along “the Belt and Road” are in scarcity.

Although domestic media make enormous publicity about “the Belt and Road Initiative”, there are no platforms that carry out publicity in foreign nations at present. The local media in each nation either provides isolated interpretation of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, or have mistakes in understanding. The cognition of the national condition and local culture is a basic point to realize enterprises’ smooth investment.

However, the method, tools and language adopted by China in interpreting “the Belt and Road Initiative” may hardly combine with the actual national conditions in each nation. As a consequence, the situation of “information asymmetry” comes into beings, such as some local governments in a variety of overseas cultural exchange activities, because the provisions of foreign trip and time constraints, is often superficial type of communication, Some local government spends three to five days visiting several cities of one nation then forms an investigation report.

In this way, the effects are subtle. Furthermore, in essence, it is sort of a waste. The expected outcome of gradual mutual influences can hardly be realized. “Confucius Institute” can be seen everywhere. Due to the failure to organically integrate with local culture, realize effective communications and common development, it is resisted by some nations now. The partnership in “the Belt and Road Initiative” not merely includes “one to-one”, but also includes “one-to more” or “more-to-more” relationship.

The nations differ from each other in terms of government system, law, language, characters, expression method, channel of information and so on. Moreover, the policy issued by each nation pertinent to “the Belt and Road Initiative” only has one version in their own language. At most, there is an additional English version. For the officials and entrepreneurs who only use the mother language and are not familiar with English, they can hardly be timely informed or obtain relevant information.

Information asymmetry, unsmooth channels and other problems exposed in the practice of “the Belt and Road Initiative” often directly affect “five connections” (connections of policies, connection of trading, connection of facilities, connection of capital and connection of masses).

Pertinent to the solutions, we think the long-term effective information symmetry of “the Belt and Road” and spreading platform should be constructed. First of all, set up mutual connection mechanism based on full market investigations. Without investigations, there are no rights of speech.

Only by starting from each Party’s demands and finding out the appeals for common interests between government and government, government and investors, government and social organizations, investors and social organizations to formulate corresponding strategies and measures so the roles of government, enterprises and civil organizations can be given into play, can the “one sided” be avoided, and can multiple Parties’ information sharing, resource complementarity and sound circulation be realized.

Just as what we mentioned in the open letter to Mr. He Lifeng, Director of NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission): “Take one theme as example. Each nation along “the Belt and Road” shall be carefully investigated and surveyed so as to find out the nations or cities with which the resources can be complemented. The governmental organizations, enterprises or civil enterprises and social associations can be chosen to realize point-to-point linkage.

According to the goals of “the Belt and Road Initiative”. After level-by-level decomposition and analysis, according to the different features of different fields, we can decompose the goals to each department and committee in the nation. Then, Base on the features of resources, religious beliefs, culture, geography, environment, culture and so on, to realize effective connection.

According to different features, the goals can be decomposed to each province. Then, with the province as the unit, the goals can be decomposed to each city. Similarities and unique features can be summarized to find out the aspects of advantage complementarity.( For example, in terms of religious belief, Ningxia is a Hui Ethnic Autonomous Religion.

Other regions in other provinces, cities or countries along “the Belt and Road” can be found to realize effective connection.)Finally, the comprehensive point-to-point connection among the nation, province, city, countries along “the Belt and Road” and regions can be realized. For this purpose, we devote to organizing “the Belt and Road” entrepreneurs and setting up “One Belt and Road Entrepreneurs Chambers” in an attempt to facilitate “five connections”. Based on this, supported by economic globalization, we aim at setting a cross-field cooperation and resource-sharing platform for entrepreneurs.

Via entrepreneurs’ force in the nations along “the Belt and Road”, we can make our contributions to the smoothness of information among government, enterprises, social organizations and masses. Second, set up multi-media information spreading platform.

For this, under the current status that there is no prior experience all over the world, we set up “One Belt and Road Newspaper Corp.” and established “One Belt and Road Newspaper” in hope of cooperating with China’s “One Belt and Road Website” and other “the Belt and Road” publicity media, complementing strengths, breaking the domestic and international media publicity barriers, realizing mutual connection, and constructing the international publicity platform that can tell “China’s stories” to the nations along “the Belt and Road” and tell the stories of the nations to China.

We are attempting to apply Chinese, English, Indonesia and languages in other nations along “the Belt and Road” via the platform “One Belt and Road Newspaper”, set up diverse channels, including newspapers, websites, we-media and so on, explore into a comprehensive media platform themed on “the Belt and Road” that is universal to the nations along “the Belt and Road”.

At current, Chinese, Indonesian and English version of “One Belt and Road Newspaper” have been published. However, for civil associations with limited force that are formed spontaneously, the platform is similar to a “super project”. Considering the fact that the governmental support from the nations along “the Belt and Road” cannot be realized, the support from the initiating nation’s government appears of peculiar importance.

From last year of the decision of rooting in Bali, Indonesia, we always focusing on the proceeding of “the Belt and Road Initiative”. The periodical achievements of “the Belt and Road Initiative” imply that the participation into the construction of and investment into the nations along “the Belt and Road” will be the core orientation of our entrepreneurship. So we are more meticulous and cautious about every slightest hint of problems in the spreading of “the Belt and Road Initiative”.

Undoubtedly, maybe owing to our narrow mind and insight, or inadequately in-depth investigations, we merely report what we have seen and heard to you. If we can help with Central Government’s actions of facilitating “the Belt and Road Initiative”, we will feel extraordinarily honoured.

If the information is of no values for you, you can simply regard it as our, overseas Chinese’s sincere voice of looking forward to our mother country’s prosperity. We firmly believe that under the Central Party’s guidance and leadership with you as the core, with China’s local government’s efforts in launching the initiative as well as overseas Chinese associations’ hard work in the nations along “the Belt and Road”, we are sure that global prosperity along the ancient Silk Road will be re-displayed, just as what is described in “Those letter- and order-senders can be constantly seen. An enormous number of foreign merchants continuously seek for accommodation along the road.”

Best wishes! The Belt and Road Entrepreneurs Business Chambers 27 Agustus 2017 Bali,Indonesia