An Open Letter to Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,
You are a prime minister who is actively concerned and researched in the fields of education, high technology, Turkish affairs, properties, and balanced the job and family responsibilities even the national population and birth policy. You also balance work and family responsibilities very well. The emphasis on education, especially in science and technology, has led Australia to make significant progress in many advanced technologies. This brings Australia the reputation of leading technology in the world. Australia has been collaborating with friendly countries in economic and trade to make great contributions to the country and people.

Cooperation Between Australia and China
Since 1975, the cooperation between Australia and China, especially with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), has been very successful. The two sides have exchanged visits and cooperation in many fields, including: scientists, outer space, health and high technology and other leading technologies.
The fields of cooperation are very broad, including: academia, training, project cooperation, joint research, metal industry, animal health, mining exploration and restoration, meteorology, air pollution, climate change and weather forecasting, fast air cargo scanners, new energy innovation for automotive, extraction of methane, the world’s largest single-disc radio telescope, advanced aquaculture technology, Earth observation and informatics, river water management, railway manufacturing, health and biosecurity, agriculture and food, oceans and atmosphere, education, foundation facilities and equipment, the establishment of the Canberra Space Communications Complex, the Australian National Algae Collection Centre, the Australian Sapling Centre, and the manufacture of antennas for the Australian Federal Science and Industry Research Organization Radio Telescope.
The unselfish exchanges between the national science and technology personnel led by the Prime Minister and Chinese scientific and technological personnel have brought positive benefits and a firm cooperation model for both countries.
Nick Gales, director of the Australian Department of Antarctic Research (AAD), recently told Xinhua that the partnership between China and Australia has continued to develop in the polar regional scientific research that has lasted for nearly 40 years. The two countries maintain and promote a strong partnership.
“Especially China, we have been working together with China for a long time. We brought Chinese scientists to the South Pole for the first time and became part of the Australian Antarctic research project. In the early 1980s, we kept close contact with Chinese scientists. As far as partnership goes, China has become increasingly interested in Antarctica and has expanded China’s cooperation activities in Australia. We share a lot of resources and work on more research projects,” Gales said. “We are really excited. Our relationship is steady and solid, and we are constantly developing in various fields. The cooperation between Australia and China is a model for the relationship between the two major powers.” He continued, “Science really makes it very interesting and exciting to cooperate with China as the main participant in the real Antarctic agreement system. From the beginning of the seminar, I believe that we will continue to expand the number of projects, as well as the areas we cooperate with, and truly cooperate with China to realize the comprehensive strength of Australia’s resources and science.”
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) initiated negotiations in April 2005, officially signed on June 17th, 2015, and entered into force on December 20th, 2015. Zero tariffs will be implemented on trade between the two countries and the continuous development of trade between the two countries will be promoted. The bilateral trade volume in 2017 was US$125.6 billion, an increase of 19.6%. Australia’s exports to China have a surplus of US$27.3 billion. China has become Australia’s largest trading partner and the largest export destination. More than 150,000 Chinese students bring annual income of 18 billion US dollars to Australian universities and colleges.
Your Excellency Prime Minister, you can dock China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative for the world, and carry out extensive cooperation, resource sharing, equality and mutual benefit in advanced science and technology projects, bringing favorable influence to the people of Asia and the United States and all other citizens of the world. Your contribution is worthy of praise and deserves to be carried forward. It is necessary to uphold and develop cooperation with China. This is an excellent example of good cooperation between big countries, which brings economic benefits for the people of both sides.

Indonesian-Australian Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA)
Indonesia is Australia’s largest neighbor. And Bali has become the second home of Australians. The Indonesian-Australian Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) will serve as a framework for creating a new era in close economic cooperation between both countries. This will also open up opportunities for new markets and economic development, implementation of major manufacturing industries, service industries, investment companies and other provisions.
IA-CEPA will include comprehensive bilateral trade and investment relations, such as: trade in goods, rules of origin, customs procedures and trade facilitation, technical barriers to trade, sanitary and phytosanitary services, investment, telecommunications services, electronics trade, financial services, competition policy, institutional rules and economic cooperation.
Preliminary results of the cooperation agreement have been reached: Indonesia-Australia Business and Trade Partnership Group; Red Meat and Cattle Partnership; Financial Services and Creative Industries (Fashion and Jewelry) Cooperation; Cancellation of Australian Herbicides and Insecticides Tariffs in exchange for reducing sugar tariffs in Indonesia. The latter addresses bilateral trade barriers, including tariff and non-tariff barriers.
The Indo-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement will increase access to their respective service markets and overcome Australia’s investment barriers in Indonesia and vice versa.
Economic cooperation under the IA-CEPA of the Indo-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement will facilitate the implementation of the agreement, support trade facilitation and provide a path for future liberalization.
During the Indonesian President Jokowi’s participation in the Special ASEAN-Australia 2018 Summit in Australia, he met with the Prime Minister’s OYTW students during his busy schedule. President Jokowi reiterated both countries are multicultural. The country also expressed the hope that the younger generation will have the values of tolerance and peace.
“If everyone can respect each other, it is good to be a pluralistic society. I hope that from a young age, we could all adopt values of tolerance and peace,” President Jokowi said.
Similarly, you mention that Indonesia and Australia are a country that is united by shared political values, democratic freedom and mutual respect. You also said, “Standing with me is a successful president who is responsible for taking care of the diversity of his country. I can say that he has led Indonesia, with democracy, including moderate Islam. He is one of the model leaders of today’s world.”
The close relationship between the two heads of Australia and Indonesia will strengthen contacts and cooperation between the two countries. President Jokowi’s ambitious plan to establish a high-speed sea route linking Asia and Australia, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean coincides with President Xi Jinping’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative to extend the Maritime Silk Road to Australia.

Bringing Happiness to the Australian People
We have seen the fact that Australia and China have mutually benefitted from equal trade, where the world’s resources are complementary and shared; China’s railways running through Central Asia through Europe and the United Kingdom are already in operation, changing the long-standing maritime tradition with faster railway transportation. The economical transportation facilities bring benefits to the economy of the UK, the Asian and European countries along the railway lines.
Logistics in the West, Middle East and Africa, through China-Pakistan economic cooperation, can now be routed from Pakistan’s Kata Port to the western part of China via the Pakistan Economic Corridor; Southeast Asian countries are bordered or adjacent to China, and China’s economic development radiates to the neighboring countries and affects their economy as well. Development, electricity, water conservancy, highways, railways, airports and other basic facilities have been correspondingly developed. This kind of shared resources is mutually beneficial. And complementary economic radiation is a win-win situation.
Indonesia keeps up with China’s “One Belt, One Road” express train, builds large-scale construction projects in the country, infrastructure, power stations, reservoirs, docks, bridges, airports, high-speed rails, etc., bringing prosperity to Indonesia. Indonesia will be rapidly developing throughout the year in the near future.
Australia is a country rich in underground resources. It has vast land and can further cooperate with China to create a miracle in economic construction. It will introduce China’s advanced high-speed railway facilities to solve the problem of Australia’s round-the-island transportation. This will allow more scenic spots to be explored in Australia. China’s humungous source of customers brings benefits to the Australian people, making Australia an even more prosperous country.
Your Excellency Prime Minister is an elite talent in Australia. Under your leadership, the Australian people have worked hard to create many achievements. They have pursued peaceful economic and trade cooperation with friendly countries in the international arena, especially with China, and have achieved fruitful results. This has made Australia soar to the second most advanced country in the world.
It is reported that Australia will now adopt new legislation to prevent foreign governments from interfering in Australian domestic politics. Legislation is the internal affairs of a country. Australia is an advanced and developed country. We believe that there will be many people in Australia who can participate in the deployment. It is obvious to everyone which country is interfering in Australia. We hope that Prime Minister will focus on the interests of the vast majority of the Australian people and will continue to build on the achievements in economic development. We hope you will keep leading the Australian people to independence and boldly participating in the innovation of the new blueprint for world economic cooperation, so to establish a new economic order and mutual benefit for the community of human destiny. The “Belt and Road” Entrepreneurs Association will actively participate in the work.

Finally, we wish you good health and prosperity for Australia!

The Belt and Road Entrepreneur Business Chambers
July 19, 2018