An Open Letter to Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-Wen

To The Honorable Taiwan Leader Mdm Tsai Ing-Wen : You have been in power for almost two years in May 2018, the relationship between the mainland China and Taiwan has retreated downwards for moare than 10 years, the economy of Taiwan has been getting from bad to worse.

Lives of Taiwan people have ever been so harsh, this is due to your policy of “Taiwan Independence”. The past two years, your policy to erase “China Cling “, by introducing “Taiwan Independence Culture”, then “Educating Independence” and advocating “Referendum”, the “Legalizing Governance of Taiwan Independence”.

Internationally, you visited friendly nation of Africa, having ambiguous relationship with Japan, using the delusion relationship between America and Taiwan, your every endeavor has upraising two shores relation getting tense, causing unrest to the people of Taiwan.
Independence has no fundamental support in Taiwan.

Democracy is not a Shield of Arrow Tsai Ing-Wen as an advice to you, don’t get loss yourself, the pace to Taiwan Independence is getting far distance away. Two years ago you defeated Blue Team or Kuomintang Presidential candidate, you became the leader of Taiwan, that did not necessary mean that the people of Taiwan supported independence. Taiwan people in fact of the hope that relationship of the two shores could have a breakthrough relationship of the Consensus of 1992.

In the middle of April this year. Taiwan’s poll statistic revealed that the rate of your support dropped to 32%, being the lowest since you came to power in May 2016, the unsatisfactory level to your performance raised to 49%.

You have said that trend of people’s opinion is important. Democracy is a tool against unification of two shores, in reality you are deceiving people and yourself. First Democracy cannot be used as a reason for Taiwan Independence, issue of Taiwan is an internal affair of China, originated from the differences between Kuomintang and the communist party, which should not be the basis for separating the country, sovereignty, territory.

Taiwan Independence will only do harm to the people of Taiwan and its economics. The excuse of democracy by passing the issue of Taiwan to the decision of 2300 people is wrong. This is setting up against the issues between the two nations’ cultures and interests.

There will be standing for the Taiwan Independence, and democracy should be the basis for uniting the nation together supporting the nation’s cultures towards the overall benefits of the people at large, not to benefit the interests of any political party. Expression of public interests is the basis for democracy.

A visit to Taiwan for better understanding you will realize that public of Taiwan are looking for unification and stability of the two shores, living peacefully. When comparing to to expression of opinion they are more concerned with own interests and the reality lives. Demonstration since your office had spelled out the problems.

Hoping for unification and peaceful relationship between the two shores, not going towards tense situation, against one another, and voiding turmoil are what the people of Taiwan expecting.

Moving away from globalization in China, the center of globalization, will Taiwan enterprises make to the world’s top 10? Of 40 years from the last century in the 60’s to year 2000, Taiwan’s economics once acquired the position of the head of “Four Asian Tigers” with annual average of rapid growth rate of 8.9 percent; while in the recent 20 years, the economics of Taiwan deteriorated greatly with only 3.5 percent of annual average growth rate.

While in the time frame of 20 years, the centre of world economy growth and centre of globalized economy have slowly switched to the mainland of China. Up until today, the mainland of China is the international factory and world market, China has leaped from the 9th biggest economy of the world to the second.

The contribution of China to the world’s economy growth has reached more than 30 percent, more than the total rate of contribution of America, Euro area and Japan, ranked first in the world. If there is no normalization of the two shores, lacking of mutual trades between the two shores, Taiwan will surely face marginalization.

You perhaps want to move away from the “New Southbound Policy”, in hopes to enter mainland of China through the markets of South-East Asia countries. In fact, as long as the mainland of China maintains its rapid economic growth, and still maintaining its position as the world centre of economic globalization, the so-called “New Southbound” countries will not ignore the “one China” principle, bluntly developing “official economy and trade relation” with Taiwan, a small country which has been gradually marginalized.

Although there are development opportunities in another area of “New Southbound Policy”, but fundamentally it cannot replace the prime influence of China on Taiwan’s economy development, let alone hoping to be on board of “Belt and Road” initiated by China hoping to improve its economic growth.

After all, the fundamental solution of Taiwan’s economy, must base on the good relationship of both sides of the strait, recognizing “Consensus of 1992”, promoting economy integration with the mainland of China, achieving normalization and liberalization of economy and trade activities of both coasts.

For the past decade, 30 percent of the world’s market expanded in mainland of China, and in the coming 10 years, 20 years, will still be as so, those who got hold of the opportunity will be able to go with the wind.

The aim of Taiwan entreprises to be of world rank, especially to be in the top 10 without relying on the advantages of labor force and market of China’s mainland, will become fairly difficult, and it will get harder and harder to achieve so.

Tense relationship of both coasts, resulting no investment and investment left. When you are in power, the “World Investment Report” published by United Nations in the Conference of Trade and Development shows that, the world’s respective economy’s foreign direct investment stock occupied the average proportion 35 percent of GDP, while Taiwan has only 14.2 percent, not up to half of the global average value.

The data of related department of Taiwan shows, from year 2015 to 2017, the number of case of Taiwan’s attraction on foreign investment has been decreasing continuously for 3 years. All signs show that, Taiwan’s investment environment is in the midst of unhealthy situation.

As the saying goes “a true man does not stand under the collapsing wall”, if Taiwan authorities continue to insist on the “Independence of Taiwan” policy and to resist the mainland of China, it will lead Taiwan in the danger of “violent governance”, and this implies that the island of Taiwan will become an isolated island, this will further deteriorate Taiwan’s investment environment, causing local enterprise to leave Taiwan, discouragement of foreign investors towards the investment environment of Taiwan, as well as negative growth of the economy.

Seeing from the internal investment of Taiwan, in year 2017, “Hong Hai”Technology Group announced in the White House of America, that they would be investing 10 billion US dollar for factory construction in America within future 4 years.

Previously in the island, Terry Guo publicly criticized on the low efficiency of Taiwan’s administrative, and will not invest to Taiwan if unnecessary. Another leading industry in the island, Taiwan Plastics Industry, was planned in the case of investing 9.4 billion US dollar in America.

Taiwan Plastics Industry hinted that, the investment to America is due to the un-satisfaction towards the harsh environmental impact assessment of the island, and in addition to the flooded population, interfering enterprise investment. In terms of foreign investment, in this year’s March, the well-known beauty cosmetic chain enterprise Sa Sa International withdraw from the Taiwan market.

Previously, the switch of brands such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and in addition, investment projects from China Network Systems Co. Ltd, Uber, Alibaba, Ai Qi have gone stranded one after another, unclear decree governed investment environment, Taiwan’s laws and regulations are not only of great mobility, and are filled with political overtones and people-ruled, especially the overly-vast area of administrative discretion, have always been the complaints of foreign businesses.

Taiwan’s imitation to America’s democratic model does not work The America’s model of democratic system has been the competing template of learning of Asian countries nearly 30 years, and yet Asia has only a few successors, as the America’s democratic model is built based on the high degree of material civilization.

Taiwan has also imitated the “America way”, and yet the path to democracy has been sorrowful. Firstly, it has caused the economy to deteriorate. For the past 20 years, the economy of Taiwan has fallen from the first of “Four Asian Tigers” to the last one, having to rely to China mainland’s economic transfusion.

Taiwan’s democratically elected leaders were of no political result over the past 20 years. Lee Teng-hui’s “overcoming impetuosity and exercising patience”, had caused Taiwan to lose its great opportunity to develop; Chen Shui-bian, not engaging in economy but politics and balance of power tactics, changed 7 premiers in 8 years, causi n g negative numbers to Taiwan’s public investments; while with you coming to power, the future of Taiwan’s economy has become blurred.

Secondly, right democracy must have basic recognition of the nation, and Taiwan is not able to achieve so. The present democracy of Taiwan has been twisted as “populism”, used by politicians to incite ethnic conflicts, to gain political benefits.

The given impression in recent years is: China mainland focuses on construction, while Taiwan is positioned at a cultural revolution with non-stop political infighting. Next, black gold penetrated electoral politics, corruption of Taiwan has become more serious, the legal system has lost its basic credibility, democratic election has become tools for those who share the same ideas to go against those who do not.

When they are in power, the Democratic Progressive Party cleared the party assets of Nationalist Party 2 years ago, the rotation of the political party has become a political revenge.

This has shown that Taiwan’s justice system is yet to develop the credibility of overcoming the political differences of partisan. Lastly, excessive influence from America. The power of America has penetrated Taiwan’s political life, and it has already affected Taiwan’s political discourse.

Recognize “Consensus of 1992”, integrate “the Belt and Road”, to complement with the mainland and share opportunities Although the politics, economy and society is problematic, Taiwan’s future is not insoluble. The solution lies in the choices of Taiwan’s authorities.

One, politically recognize “Consensus of 1992”, recognize that “Taiwanese are Chinese”, and naturally spring will come and flowers will blossom. Xi Jinping has mentioned “Consensus of 1992” a couple of times in the report of 19th CPC National Congress, this is the second time of writing “Consensus of 1992” into the party report after mainland’s 18th report, highlighted the firmness of the mainland on “Consensus of 1992”, and to abandon the delusion of “if we insist, Beijing will compromise”, recognizing the meaning of that the 2 sides of the strait to belong to the same core, to allow both lands to achieve common basis of politics so that positive interaction can be maintained. Stop “de-sinicization”, give up the so-called referendum.

The political factors and phenomenon of “de-sinicization” occurred in Taiwan is closely related. Cancel the mau- soleum of the Yellow Emperor, “removal of Confucius”, “removal of Sun Tzu”, abolish “trimming of education syllabus”, no longer to independently give lecture on history of China in high school, promote diversification of Mandarin, using local mindset to promote “Taiwan independence” ideology, promoting political purposes in the name of academic neutrality.

In this way, not only that Taiwan is unable to develop comprehensive historical view, it will lost the ascendancy of original Chinese traditional culture, further causing negative influences to both sides of the strait.

Two, take initiative to integrate into China mainland’s “the Belt and Road” initiative in terms of economy, for this reason to release numerous supplementary measures. As to the likes of Hong Kong, using the “Belt and Road” as the main mechanism of the economy development in the future 50 years, the “Belt and Road” is a great opportunity for Taiwan’s industry, a chances to bring its talents into play.

For instance, in-line of the nation’s railway construction, Taiwanese enterprises can provide parts such as connectors and display panels, wood engineering firms of Taiwan will also be able to put their expertise in good use.

A lot of far-sighted, talented Taiwanese businessmen have placed the interference of politics aside, activated “people as priority” mode, the richest man of Taiwan, Terry Guo, has already constructed Asia’s largest logistic centre at Ordos city, the starting of north “land silk”.

Three, stop interfering economy with  cross-strait service trade agreement which is originally beneficial to Taiwan, at the interference of the Green Camp, was not approved, at the opposite, the China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) became effective on December 20, 2015 and to have tax cuts for the first time, and a second tax cut on January 1, 2016.

At the same time, China-Australia FTA also became effective and conducted tax cut. Taiwan has to have new mindset, new vision and new measures, to deeply know and comprehend China mainland’s guide policy and released development dividend, deepen the cooperation between both sides of the strait, expands new space of collaboration, establishes new domain of cooperation and emphasis, realizing economic cooperation and development goals of mutual benefiting shared prosperity.

Four, putting an end to “black gold politics”, learn from mainl a n d of China and Hong Kong in creating a probity and high efficient government, increasing government’s credibility. The “black gold politics” has penetrated into the election of Taiwan, severely damaged the democracy, the elected government became a political tool.

Taiwan can learn from Hong Kong to establish organization similar to Independent Commission Against Corruption to fight against corruption. The government also has to improve the accuracy of decision making and high efficiency.

Taiwan’s “legislature” amending the law through the “Labor Standards Act”, was denounced as “overstrain version” of “bad labor standards act” and led to strong resentments from people of the island.

Besides, the international competence is high and with the small market of Taiwan, governmental departments has to bear the characters of active and initiative, the greatest success of mainland of China’s reform in 40 years lays upon the directive function implementation of the government on conducting national policy and market development construction.

Five, attach importance to small and medium-sized enterprises. Provide support to the small and medium-sized enterprises to develop vigorously – as these small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly local enterprises – they are helpful to employment and labor employment to promote local economy development. Mdm.

Tsai Ing-wen, any form of Taiwan independence is a dead end. Through decades of observation on the united front doctrine used by China to achieve dominance over Taiwan, the intention, strategic thinking and the basic route is always clear and it is to have the greatest effort to strive for peaceful unification of both sides of straits, realizing the revival of Chinese nation.

On top of the question, the patience of mainland of China does not only due from the focal of strategy, but also from the understanding and care of people of Taiwan. However, if acted arbitrarily, it will surely bring violent rage. The normalization of island patrols of liberation army in recent years and the conduct of live-fire drill at Taiwan’s strait waters in April have shown the determination of China on maintaining territorial sovereignty.

“Independence of Taiwan” divides forces in any form of name, any form of measures to break Taiwan away from China, or the occurrence of significant incident that split Taiwan from China, or losing the possibility of peaceful unity, the country will take a non-peaceful approach and other necessary measures, defending the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.