Be Friendly to Environment, Create the Beautiful Home An outstanding Enterprise on Environmental Pollution Improvement in China – Shengyuan Environmental Protection Ltd

Shengyuan Environmental Protection Ltd specializes in garbage incineration for power generation, waste water treatment and environmental protection projects. It was invested by Shengzhen state-owned asset management council and Shenzhen Capital Group. Our company is an important client credited by China Development Bank, and the biggest BOT/BOO/PPP operator of garbage incineration for power generation and waste water treatment in Fujian Province. We have been the top 10 in our line of business, and top 10 investor in the PPP project of power generation.

In 2015 and 2016 we won various honors including the most socially responsible enterprise in solid waste industry, awarded by E20 Environmental Platform. Up to now, Shengyuan Environmental Protection Ltd. has owned 13 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 10 waste incineration power plants and 5 sewage treatment plants, located in ?Fujuan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Gansu.

Its service scope covers 5 provinces with an area of 50 thousand and a population of 250 million. The incineration power plants are equipped with refuse transfer stations, leachate treatment stations, slag brick works and ash landfills. Having operated for nearly 2 decades, our company has accumulated a great deal of technique experience and personnel. Under the support of relevant policy,Shengyuan has heavily invested in projects such as waste incineration power plant, sewage treatment plant, refuse transfer station.

And by allying with giant domestic investors, Shengyuan has greatly improved its competitiveness. Shengyuan has been adhering to its enterprise spirit — which means honest is what we promote and innovation is what we are from. We have taken the social responsibility to save the energy for our country, reduce the pollution and recycle the waste, contributing our effort to creating a satisfying living environment.