Impression of the Chairman —— Liu Chunfu of Quanzhou Yongchun Chamber of Commerce

When talking about becoming the chariman of a Chamber of Commerce, he or she must be a highly regarded and wealthy person. Interviewing Liu Chunfu of Quanzhou Yongchun Chamber of Commerce, reversed the inherent impression of the reporter.
Liu Chunfu, born in 1982, is young. He has been the leader of the Chamber of Commerce no more than a full year.
This young man is tall and thin wearing a dark navy polo-shirt with a grey trouser is complemented with his oval face, displaying capability and refinement.
His office is very spacious. He is neither ostentatious nor extravagant, but he has more than 80 vice presidents and hundreds of members who often drop by for coffee break. His office is clean and organized. He deals with business and matters in the Chamber of Commerce, and hence, his office is always clean and no putting off matter until tomorrow.
Sitting down for a while, a lot of members come and go, showing a very active daily operation.
This Chamber of Commerce is like a piece of blank paper. Without burden, anything beautiful can be written or drawn on it. Liu Chunfu wrote the word “high”, “big” and “up” on this piece of blank paper.
The Chamber of Commerce is a loose line of business. In order to develop a better teamwork within the group, he arranges brown bag lunch gatherings and afternoon tea or coffee break so to make togetherness customary.
Usually, the budget comes from the monthly membership fee.
In this case, since the establishment of the Quanzhou Yongchun Chamber of Commerce, no one has made a claim for reimbursement of spending. In other words, they have not received any public money.
It is really hard to do this.
Because the Chamber of Commerce needs to develop, it must be able to communicate. To be social, it needs to hold receptions.
Liu Chunfu told reporters that usually they would have a notice prior to any social gethering. The vice president and members volunteered to take the arrangement task. In general, the chamber prioritize arrangement for those with close business relationship.
Liu Chunfu said that the Chamber of Commerce has a substantial amount of membership fees and have also raised 30 million Yuan charitable funds.
The Chamber of Commerce chooses to help the poor using the membership fees and funds.
Since established on September 28th, 2017, the Chamber of Commerce has set foot on more than 10 towns and villages in Yongchun, and has provided aids to the less fortunate families.
Liu Chunfu believes that although the Chamber of Commerce is not a charity foundation, poverty alleviation is one of the important tasks of the Chamber of Commerce. Not all chamber members are rich, but compared with those poor families, they still have more to spare for the less fortunate. If you mobilize thousands of members, along with the funds from the chambers and foundations, it is sufficient to help poor households to solve their immediate needs.
Based on this understanding, the Quanzhou Yongchun Chamber of Commerce creates a strong atmosphere for development, which enables the chamber and its members continue to grow their strengths while cultivating the social responsibilities of their members and inspiring everyone to show their love.
This young Chamber of Commerce has developed a charity group.
Everyone in this Chamber of Commerce is practicing socialist values, so we must give them a compliment.
Writer: Huang Jing

Lin Haiou: Shoes “Doctor” without a formal Diploma

Today, on June 4th, Jinjiang News of the Quanzhou Net interviewed Lin Haiou, chairman of Quanzhou Seagull Shoes Material. They talked very hard at the beginning, because Lin Haiou tried so hard to converse in Mandarin. His thick southern accent made it a bit difficult to catch what he was trying to elaborate. Often, he slipped in some Minnan dialect into the conversation.
This bumpkin almost never went to school, let alone earned a diploma.
When others were booming in the development of the footwear industry and making big money, he traveled around the country.
After a few years of spiritual journey, he returned to Jinjiang to establish Quanzhou Seagull Shoes.
For more than a decade, the business took a lead in the shoe industry and soared up in the sky, as the name suggests.
“To be a world-class shoe material company, we must have an international perspective,” Lin Haiou told reporters.
As soon as the reporter entered the Seagull Shoe Material Company, Lin Haiou prepared a demonstration. He took a piece of shoe cloth and a pair of scissors. Using the sharp tip, he started to stab and slash on the cloth. He then handed the scissors and asked the reporter to do the same.
Magically, even though this piece of shoe cloth has been hacked and slashed, it didn’t show any traces of torn places.
Lin Haiou said that the shoe industry should stand on the international market, with materials of high quality, endurance and durability as the key. Without this precondition, it is impossible to travel thousands of miles in a pair of shoes, and it is even more impossible to have a pair of comfortable shoes without having them worn down along the way.
To this day, Lin Haiou has been running the business as well as building a research and development team at the same time.
Walking into the exhibition hall, a variety of trendy sneakers could be found. Lin Haiou said that a piece of cloth is just a material, giving the consumers only one side of the whole story. Once the whole shoes are made, the overall story is complete. They often received orders in the exhibition hall. Combining the use of brochures with three-dimensional materials and shoe samples, consumers could choose the style, the color, and the feel. Every order is customized to the consumer’s liking. Many orders are received and dealt in this hall.
Trendy in styles, comfortable to wear, and durable, but Seagull Shoes Material does not stop here.
Another kind of sneakers that can automatically adjust the temperature to adapt with the heat and the cold will soon be available for sale.
When it comes to good things, Seagull Shoes Material is working hard for great innovation to be affordable for the consumers.
Seriously inspecting the company, it is not difficult to find that after international buyers visited Seagull and made a purchase, found out that the materials are very marketable, even more customers come swarming. No wonder Lin Haiou proudly said that each customer is his marketing agent. His products are spread from the word of mouth throughout the world!
Lin Haiou is great in maintaining a good relationship with the government.
He told reporters that the government did not take part in supporting the development of the company at all.
The relationship between the government and the company is like that of the fish and water.
“What the government decides to do, the company should of course support it, because the government’s actions are considered for social, economic and cultural developments. On the surface, government actions sometimes damage some of the immediate interests of the company, but in the long run, the government is always creating an environment for companies to develop and adding development momentum.”
Lin Haiou’s words were unpretentious, but they fully expressed his true feelings.
The government has spent huge sums of money to build an international shoe manufacturing city.
In this shoe manufacturing city of Jinjiang, the government intends to build an aircraft carrier for manufacturers. Turthfully, it will comprehensively enhance the international competitiveness and make the manufacturers invincible.
Over the years, some manufacturers in Jinjiang have formed an array of full business potential inertia. However, it is difficult to reach a tacit agreement with the government.
The Seagull Shoes Material knows that the government’s development plan for the companies is deeply rooted in the future.
The first policy of the Seagull Shoes Material is to buy, not rent a large storefront. This is the number one move that should be taken in order to survive, maintain and grow in the Shoe Manufacturing City.
The performance of the Seagull Shoes Material has doubled in just one year. After an international buyer’s visit, tasted and appreciated the magnificent and modern international new city, he could not restrain the excitement, and went ahead spreading the word to his relatives, friends and business partners.
Taking the lead with the government is a vision, and at the same time, a leading profit.
Soon, the government will make a big move. It is necessary to build a wetland park on the pier that has been operational for more than 20 years. At that time, the World Gymnasiade will also be held here.
The mayor looked for Lin Haiou. Before the mayor even said anything, Lin Haiou said that the government blueprint has been drawn. And a beautiful Riverside Park will be constructed. What dock, what sandpit? The word is: demolish.
Leaving the Seagull Shoe Material company, and watching Lin Haiou waved goodbye, the reporter pays tribute to such a high-class man with high standards without a diploma.
Writer: Huang Jing

Wang Binhui: Do Not Humiliate the New Mission of Ecological Construction

Today, Quanzhou website announces on June 11th that the quarrying and journalists often complain about how a beautiful mountain is often dug into a thousand holes, and nearby smooth road are often rained on by stones from the drilling process. The peaceful atmosphere in the vicinity of the quarry is either disturbed by pebbles and stones flying all over the place, or disrupted by the roaring of the machineries. There are a lot of angry complaints.
Wang Binhui, is a quarryman, and does not work alone. Hi is well-known in the quarry business.
He operates four quarries in accordance with the law.
In his business, he extracts the stones and continuously transports it to Fuxia, Quansan and Xiasha Expressway. This has become the basis of the consolidation of various high-speed groups. Once road builders have seen the quality of his stones, they would request him to be their supplier immediately.
According to the standard construction market, it is not easy to win the bid. Becoming a supplier is even more difficult.
Requirements for construction quality are becoming more demanding, leading to higher requirements for materials as well. The construction market is becoming more transparent, and the supply chain competition is becoming fiercer. At the same time, the construction profit margin is getting smaller.
It is neither easy to survive, nor to develop. It is even harder to keep developing regardless of the strict competition.
Wang Binhui’s enterprises have grown from small to large, from large to strong, and from strong to excellent. His enterprises are able to stand in the forefront of the fierce competition.
After Wang Binhui tells reporters about his many business endeavors, the topic turns around and focuses on how he ended up with the ecological stones.
Wang Binhui tells reporters that all his quarries win the bid and have signed an eco-environment restoration contract with the government.
He has to follow what has been agreed upon in the contract.
However, Wang Binhui believes that restoring environmental ecology is not a contract, but a systematic project.
He knows that the reporter is a layman and patiently elaborates that the stone field consists of stone walls, waste rock yards, remaining slopes and platforms. In order to restore ecology, it is necessary to consider all aspects. Otherwise, the waste rock yards would be very infertile. There would not be any trees or vegetation could grow on it.
Wang Binhui does not elaborate about his business performance, but talks about ecological restoration. When the reporter asks his intention, he first replies: quarrying can ruin the ecology. An abandoned quarry results in a bare mountain. Since no vegetation can grow on a bare mountain, when the rain falls, a potential flood could manifest. When there is no rainfall, draught would be overwhelming. When it is so difficult to survive, talks about big constructions become insignificant.
He does not exaggerate, but that he needs to survive, and to develop in such a way to sustain his enterprise, is a fact.
With such an understanding, Wang Binhui is inexhaustible. Instead, he develops a recovery plan while quarrying. When quarrying, he leaves a wide enough platform to prevent the stone field from transforming into a stone wall afterwards. When quarrying, with current science and technology, a stone trough or grotto is left so that water can accumulate. After quarrying is done, vegetation can be planted in the future. The flat and vertical greening is done according to local conditions, so to allow the recovery soon after quarrying.
Talking with the reporter, he reveals that the quarry in Shuangxi Village, Luoxi District, Luojiang District has reached the mining period. Now, in consultation with the relevant departments, not only will the ecology here be restored as soon as possible, but also the 40-acres flat land here will be used. A smoke-free factory that meets the ecological standards of Luoxi town will be built on the vast flat land. When the project is completed, there will be forests on the hills, fruit on the hillsides, and flowers in the valleys. A place for leisure, where no one would ever guess this place was once a quarry.
Wang Binhui is not only an avant-garde in ecological restoration, but also a predecessor who practices civilized ecology everywhere. His stone transport vehicles are covered with canvas to prevent the stones from falling. In the quarry, the production and processing are in done in a closed space, so that the dusts are confined within the quarry.
Wang Binhui’s methods endeavor in environmental protection and ecological restoration are preferred.
The exchange with Wang Binhui has opened the reporter’s eyes enough to change his impression about quarrying.
Writer: Huang Jing