Key Cooperation Project, Meeting to Promote Quanzhou,Promotion of Ankang City with its local famous and featured Produces

Today, Quanzhou website, June 29th (Reporter Xie Yuyan, Huang Chunhong) reported:
On June 29th, Mayor Zhao Junmin, the deputy secretary of the Ankang Municipal Committee, led by the Investment Promotion Bureau of Ankang City, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Department of Commerce, and other district governments of Ankang City, and a delegation of 35 companies came to Quanzhou, where a special exhibition of famous and special products and a key cooperation project promotion meeting were held. Jia Yinsheng, inspector of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Li Zhaoli, deputy inspector of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Chen Yifeng, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Office, and Hong Ziqiang, deputy mayor of Quanzhou Municipal Government, and more than 300 entrepreneurs and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce in Quanzhou participated in the event.
Ankang City is an example of a city construction demonstration area, with water source conservation area, where the South to North Water Transfer Project middle line crosses the city. Ankang City is also rich in unique Selenium resource, and hence known as China Selenium Valley. In recent years, based on the advantages of ecological resources, the city has accelerated the construction of a national demonstration base for Selenium-enriched food industry focusing on Selenium-enriched tea and konjac.
At the meeting, Mayor Zhao Junmin said that Quanzhou is the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. And Ankang is the source of silk on that ancient road. In the practice of deepening the concept of green development and integrating into the development of the Belt and Road, both Quanzhou and Ankang have broad cooperation space and a bright future. He pointed out that in recent years, Ankang has been implementing the development as a necessity, eco-living, opening up the market, and strengthening the industry. Ankang has always regarded investment promotion as the first starting point for open development, and built a first-class business environment. The first task of attracting investors is to create a pro-Qing dynasty relationship as the primary content of the business environment, and to lead the cadres at all levels as the primary embodiment of the relationship between the government and businesses, and to build a society of investment, pro-business, security, and wealth. He hopes that entrepreneurs from both places will take this opportunity to closely communicate, deepen cooperation and achieve mutual benefit.
It is understood that the event was organized by the Ankang Municipal People’s Government, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, and the Shaanxi Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office. During the event, the key industries, industrial enterprises and Selenium-enriched products, such as Selenium-enriched food, biomedicine, eco-tourism, and modern services, were promoted. At the same time, flexible and intensive display methods will be adopted outside the venue to showcase the well-known products rich in Selenium and eco-tourism resources. Representatives from enterprises in Quanzhou and Ankang conducted in-depth understanding and multi-faceted negotiations and exchanges, deepened cooperation to achieve mutual benefit. At the same time, the project signing ceremony was held during the meeting, where 12 projects were signed with a total amount of 4.16 billion Yuan.
During the promotion meeting, the Ankang delegation visited Tongda Group, Fujian Hongyi Food Co., Ltd., Edenberg (China) Co., Ltd., Fujian Qipai Fashion Technology Co., Ltd., Baihong Industrial Holdings Co., Ltd., and Fujian Longfeng TextileTechnology Industrial Co., Ltd.

Source: Today Quanzhou Website