Lee Kuan Yew 1923-2015

Born in 16.09.1923 in a village in Kwang Tong Tai Poh ,China . Graduated in Raffle College in Singapore and one of the politic party founder namely People Action Party. Lee was not only the Premier of Singapore, he was also a Paramount Leader of the Nation , Party General Secretary, National Congress and Cabinet Advisor in the Legislative House.

Lee died at age of 91 in 23 March 2015 at 3:18 am, due to old age and after every medical effort are failed. His body was displayed in Singapore National University, later then underwent a national funeral ceremony on 29 March, 2015.

Among the most successful Chinese in South East Asia, Singaporean Chinese is the outstanding group which occupies 90% of the 5 million populations nationally. After the Bandung meeting, ex-premier Chou En Lai abolished Double National Citizenship policy, Chinese from Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia had started positively participating local social activities.

In South East Asia,those countries with majorities are still able to preserve their culture, teaching, dialect; family values of tradition are only available now in Singapore and Malaysia.

Tan Kah Kee who was a prominent traditional Chinaman in Singapore while Lee Kuan Yew was English-educated, pro-West and noted from Strait Times, a Parlimentary Lawmaker whom had met Lee described Lee was East of Suez Canal English educated gentleman. Lee was awarded with Life Success by British government while Lee do regard this award reflected his best acknowledgment in life.

The Singapore famous Nan Yang University is established in 1956, but the graduates did not recognized by the Singapore Government even though Lee Kuan Yew came into power in 1959. The situation was only reversed in 1968 in unwillingness situation.

Until 1980 the Nan Yang University was forced to cease operation and eventually this university became a history. Lee Kuan Yew promptly amended the education system into bilingual foundation and multi-racial society governance, English turns up as national language for internationally easy access , this time Singapore Chinese was about 75% of the nation’s populationOther classified as Second Official Languages are Tamil (minor Indian race from India), Mandarin and Malay.

Since 1959, the races and mentality gaps among Singaporeans are high and in great risk , created racial and religious problems among the people, putting the nation in an unstable and disintegrate situation. Nowadays Singapore enjoys great harmony and development, no races disturbance, religion freely grows, people are able to work with each others, Lee Kuan Yew was accredited to his effort to grow up Singapore.

1957 Lee Kuan Yew was leading People Action Party (PAP). 1959 PAP formed Alliance with Singapore Communist Party and won the new election, from 51 seats won 43 seats and formed a new Singapore government. Singapore later entered the Federation of Malaya and Lee Kuan Yew became the first Chief Minister of Singapore.

1961 PAP broke off alliance with his ally, Singapore Communist Party, where PAP is just one seat more than the Communist Party as PAP sought support from the Prime Minister of Malaya Federation Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lee Kuan Yew put 3 leaders from the Communist Party to jail after they performed Street Demonstration and riots , the excuse for Lee Kuan Yew went against his rival and increased his control in this island and won next election in 1963.

Once Singapore joined United Nation, Lee Kuan Yew seeks international recognition for the island to obtain Independent. In1977, Lee Kuan Yew able to clean the smell and dirty Singapore River so as to improve the image of the country.

Lee Kuan Yew was very much emphasized for clean and green environment of the city and firm to convert Singapore into a Garden City. Lee Kuan Yew contributed tremendous efforts on the sustainable water supply.

As Singapore is an small island lacking natural resources, Singapore has encountered water supply challenge in 1960, where Lee being able to introduce dam projects to overcome the prolong problem of water supply , especially in the sustainability and availability of water demand in the island. Lee Kuan Yew advocates his policy and activity, economically and politically had proven to solve many Singapore problems.

Lee Kuan Yew positively pushed for economic reform and development in this island, cleaned all the dirt and mess in the island with natural resources. Singapore within 30 years becomes one of the most developed countries in Asia, owning world 2nd most effective port, Asia Financial hub and international meeting venue.

The annual GDP reaches USD55, 000 and leading in the 3th World Countries. Lee Kuan Yew developed the Jurong Industrial Zone, industrial property development, initiating Employee Provident Fund and build apartment units to achieve the target of everyone could own a house to stay.

Lee Kuan Yew set up Anti Corruption Agency unit, vow to establish a clean governance, ruleb by laws society with good welfare system, people feel comfort to stay, all pave the way for a sound and develop Singapore in future as well.

By knowing limited human resources in Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew under his governance program, tends to nurture elites and place most of them into various government department, equally share of opportunity and in pursuit of bright prospect among the society.

The move of Lee Kuan Yew had turned the Singapore government with highly effective, clean and famous, the living standard of Singaporean is high compares with other Asian countries. The achievement of Singapore today is definitely inseparable from the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew as he had superior wisdom, courage and insight, and from the influence of the international changing environment in the past 50 years.

He had a strong and unique view on international affairs, and possessed a combination of the background of Eastern culture and the critical thinking ability of the Westerns, enabling him to become the leader of a small country, and yet international leaders of powerful countries are willing to exchange views with him, and reflecting opinions on problems faced by a small country in the East to leaders of influential nations, contributed to the world by promoting world peace, and encouraged understanding between Eastern and Western cultures.

During the visit of Deng Xiaopin to Singapore, he requested China to stop exporting revolution towards South East Asia and their support to Communist Party of South East Asia, and had agreed by Deng Xiaopin.

There are a lot of Chinese of China think that Lee Kuan Yew is a Chinese, and should always be supportive to China instead of balancing it with powers such as America or India, while these opinions are not realistic.

Singapore is located in South East Asia, and a part of it, he needs to speak for his way of life, and to speak for South East Asia. He, as a Chinese, has a natural affection towards China. He told the Chinese in Singapore, to hope not to be westernized and forgotten the identity of a Chinese. In year 1995 and 2000, Lee Kuan Yew published 2 of his memoires, and each recorded the development of Singapore throughout the years.

The purpose of his publication is to hope that the younger generations of Singapore to read, and learn from his experience, but the younger Singaporeans who he had high hopes for, were not interested in reading the book.

When they were asked what would they do if the crisis foreseen by Lee Kuan Yew happens, most of them would shrug and answered unconcernedly : go migration. Well-known for its probity, the Singapore government follows the professional way that Lee Kuan Yew had in mind to develop the country.

The government actively recruits outstanding students of every batch to employ as civil officials, to ensure knowledgeable elites to work in the government, and to manage Singapore with large scale corporation measures which were conceived by Lee Kuan Yew. However, this could easily lead to a comfortable and leisure lifestyle of the elites due to quality lifestyle.

Lee Kuan Yew had exclusively ruled over Singapore for decades, and has successfully shaped the true meaning of living as a Singaporean, created generation of elites in Singapore’s People’s Action Party.

During the governance of Lee Kuan Yew, he has displayed a tactful political skills, and has pragmatical insight the unique geographic of Singapore, until after year 2000, while dealing with the rapid economic growth of China, with the development of China’s economy and military power, it would psychologically affected Singaporeans more likely to incline to China.

Lee Kuan Yew had actively promote the proposal of balancing China’s upraise, showing his support towards the strategy of rebalancing Asia-Pacific, and he had rapidly coordinated with disposition, deploying 60 percent of America’s Marine force in the territorial water of Asia-Pacific, enabling American aviation to access Singapore’s Changi naval port, allowing American military to effectively based in the Strait of Malacca.

Lee Kuan Yew was remarkably an eminent leader, as he payed close attention to and research thoroughly on international politics and economies, his ingenuity had prompted Singapore to hold a unique status internationally.

(Yi Ru Xiang)